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Women and Gossip

When I consult with child care professionals, one thing I often hear from men and women is that it’s just not possible for a group of women to work together without gossiping.

What do you think?

Today, I’m going to share with you some of my findings in response to this question.


Women do have more of a tendency to gossip. They share their emotions and vent in general more than men. Women’s brains operate on more of an emotional level then men’s. Women in general feel more empathy and desire to know details of situations, whereas men want the facts and are quick to present solutions.


The brains of men and women are different. There have been many brain research studies conducted that show how women’s brains in general, differ than men’s. Not only research of how women and men react to situations differently, but how the components contained in the brains of men and women are different sizes.


Because our brains are different, we display different characteristics. In an article entitled: Are There Differences Between The Brains of Males and Females, the author, Renato Sabbatini, states that the fathers of sociobiology, Edward O. Wilson, said that females tend to display more empathy, verbal skills, social skills, and security seeking than men. And men are higher in independence, dominance, spatial and mathematical skills, and rank related aggression.

Additionally, Deborah Tannen who is a sociolinguist and the author of: You Just Don’t Understand, states that when women communicate, they communicate to build connections and convey information.

So women process things differently and display different characteristics when it comes to how and why they communicate.


Women (in general) have the need to fit it and often this need to fit it can keep them stuck in gossip and prevent them from being as successful as they can be.

Martha Barletta, CEO of WomensMedia states that in general, women are more likely to shortchange themselves when it comes to being successful professionally because they don’t want to boast about their accomplishments or stand out. They want to fit it!!


In spite of all these differences, women can and do work together without gossiping.


Individually, women have to work a little harder to really focus on facts, benefits and solutions in the workplace. Women need to build skills to deal with all of their emotional stuff.

Women need to realize they have a choice. When they feel emotional and can’t deal with a situation from a logical perspective, they can utilize a journal to vent frustrations or utilize a support group outside of work to help them move beyond their emotions. Then when ready, they can deal with the issue directly with the person who they’re in conflict with. If they can’t do that – they can utilize a third impartial person to help resolve the issue.

That’s just for starters!

The bottom line is, women can work together without gossiping.

Do you supervise a group of women who seem to get caught up in gossip?

Here are a few steps you can take to eliminate gossip from your working and learning environment.

Step #1: Develop a strong, positive belief that you and your team can take a proactive stance against gossip. If you don’t believe that change can happen – chances are you will prove yourself right!

Step #2: Educate your team on the devastating impacts of gossip. Perhaps you have been hurt by gossip or know some stories you can share with your team to help drive home the point that gossip hurts others and – we hurt ourselves when we gossip.

Step #3: Build morale through team building activities. The more your team likes each other – the less they will gossip about each other.

Your working and learning environment can be a place where everyone pitches in, sometimes doing more than their fair share of the work, to help your center be the most positive and productive place it can be. Your atmosphere can be filled with genuine trust, respect, and caring for each other.

© 2001-2009 Julie Bartkus. All Rights Reserved. Julie Bartkus is an author, speaker, consultant and coach.

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Final Interview

Interviews: The future of advertising.
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Michelle Yeoh

Gossip N Rumors

Gossips and rumos are the titbits which are entertainment among the people when especially about celebrities and politicians. It may be true or false and it is harmful for the people who are being gossiped about. Gossips and rumors are false news that spread from one person to another or group of people. Gossips are mainly about friends, celebrities and politicians. It may be harmless sometimes but it affects ones personal life. If gossip is true about someone then it is more hurtful since it has been kept as secret. Rumor is a bit of information spreading from one person to another without verifying whether it is true or not. When it is passed from one person to another it is exaggerated. Spreading false news about a celebrity or any person is form of a bullying.It brings miserable to their life. There are different types of gossips and rumors which are dangerous and more wounding. Slander is a type of rumor that has been made intentionally spreading false news about someone to cause pain. Slander is called as libel when it is in written form.Rumors or gossips about celebrity in magazines are the best example of libel.It is more hurtful and hazardous when compared to others since it is done purposefully to bring ones life miserable. Another type of gossiping is dishing which is done unintentionally. Without any aim to cause pain to someone, telling something about him or her to others which actually cause pain. It actually brings embarrassement to him or her who is being told about. Fears or Concerns is involved with rumors being told about any life threats.For example, Making an anonymous call and telling that the bomb has been fixed in a school, which is going to burst in few minutes.It may be true or false.It involves with many lives and it leads to bedlam.Likewise Tsunami Threat, Hijacking are some of the rumors which involve with peoples lives and concerns. Jokes or Wildstories is another type of rumor which is prevailing for many years.It appears to be true but it doesnt have any proofs. These stories are so interesting and you can hear these jokes or wild-stories in villages. It gives curiosity rather than wounding. Misinformation is the rumor which misguides the people.People who believes that they are telling right things and guide others but actually it just a rumor. This misinformation leads to difficult situation. Cyber-Gossip is more dangerous one since the information is passing to many people in short period of time and it is a crime. It should be taken care seriously. People are spreading these rumors for taking revenge on others or to make others attention towards them. It has also been passed for entertainment purposes.Rumors or gossips should be avoided since it can destroy the trust and affects ones private or personel life. So, if anyone tells anything we should think over it whether it is harmful or harmless.If it is harmful we should keep it ourselves and give respect to others private.

Jack have written many articles. But the article which is based on Gossip N Rumors given here is the best article from him.

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Chloe Green Has a Family Fun Day With New Boyfriend Marc Anthony

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Do Your Own Stock Analysis and Stop Listening to Rumors

One of the easiest things to do is to hear a stock market rumor. The next easiest thing to do is to actually believe the stock market rumors. Rumors and opinions about what the stock market will do in general are more numerous than the blades of grass in your front lawn.

Since there are so many rumors floating about regarding which direction the market will go it is simply best to ignore them. Let me give you a perfect example. I can’t even begin to tell you the number of people that I know who were absolutely certain that we’re going to see the Dow rapidly decline 2000-4000 points. I was literally inundated with e-mails, charts, video, and links to websites that justified the bearish sentiment of numerous individuals. It would be foolish to say that you couldn’t look at a chart and understand why the majority of people were bearish at the time.

This is one of the things that makes stock trading so tough for a beginner. Beginners find it difficult to go against conventional wisdom and the thoughts and howlings of the crowd. Many times while new traders are panicking because stocks are dropping, experienced traders are seeing unprecedented opportunities for profits.

As the doom and gloom of the stock market period in question increased on a daily basis more and more people became bearish. Again, being bearish made sense for a particular period of time. What happened in this particular instance is that the market made new lows and then rebounded from those new lows. Traders with a bearish sentiment saw every rally as an opportunity to continue to short the market in order to gain an advantage for what they believed to be the next gigantic decline.

As the market continued to rise many traders added to their short positions in the stock market.

This would’ve actually worked out great if the market had again declined and gone on to make new lows. What was happening to these traders is that they were stuck with a “belief” about the direction of the market. If you believe that the market is going to go down then it may appear to you that everything the market does is in preparation for a huge decline.

What happened in the end during this trading period? The market continually rose and here we are about 2000 points higher on the Dow. No matter how bearish you are a 2000 point rise in the Dow is not going to benefit your account equity.

The moral of this story is that money is made in stock trading by trading in the correct direction. What you believe the market should do and what the market does do can be completely different things. Don’t expect the market to do what you want to do… expect the market to do what it wants to do.

When it comes to profiting stock trading you will find the best to do your own stock analysis. Rumors have a nasty habit of forming beliefs in our heads and blinding us to the plain, apparent reality that lies before us. You will find that by doing your own stock research your portfolio’s performance will be head and shoulders above the portfolios of the rumor followers.

Carl Robertts is an expert free stock analysis and runs the very successful and popular website about stock analysis. He has helped people all over the world become better stock traders. Visit his site at right now for more information and/or help on Stock analysis.

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Latest Celebrity Gossip

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