Justin Bieber Jail: Justin Bieber Charged With DUI Resisting Arrest in Miami Beach

Justin Bieber Jail: Justin Bieber Charged With DUI Resisting Arrest in Miami Beach

Justin Bieber Jail Justin Bieber Arrested 2014 Justin Bieber Jail Justin Bieber Miami Court Justin Bieber In Court Justin Bieber Jail Justin Bieber Arrested …

Justin Bieber

Watch Your Kids As they Relish Attractions near Russell Square Hotels

Russell Square hotels often entice visitors from the nearby cities to come and spend their weekends in London. Several families love to visit the city to make their kids happy or even to find an escape from the daily routines. Here are a few attractions in London located close to the area near Russell Square tube station which is sure to delight your kids.

Coram’s Fields

A very special destination for kids in London, this is one such place in the city which allows adults to enter only if they are accompanied by a child. Structured in 5 acres, it consists of playground, a park and a little menagerie.  Kida often enjoy splashing in a padding pool, play in the large sandpit and swing on the frame while the adults can relish anything at the cafe. There is also the animal enclosure which holds sheep, goats, rabbits and pigs.

The Cartoon Museum

This is another great attraction which allures kids of all ages. This is one such place where even the adults enjoy as they relish their childhood memories. The colour mural painted by top cartoonists is often admired a lot by the visitors. The place is packed with caricatures, cartoons and comics to serve the best to the little angels.

Pollock’s Toy Museum

Located inside two townhouses, one from 18th and other from 19th century, this historic haven for kids as they are delighted to play with toys of all kinds. The museum derives its name from Benjamin Pullock who was a creator and printer of Victorian toy theatres.

 However, today the museum brags a wide and diversified range of toys from all across the globe. The visitors are often amused by the battered and bruised bears and a 4000 years Egyptian clay mouse. You can even buy some toys from the shop located on the ground floor of the museum.

Animation Gallery

Though for a little grown up children, the colourful pop art sketches and canvases often allure a number of visitors. The gallery is often taken as a treasure trove for those who are crazy about the art involved behind moving pictures. Cartoon fans simply love to be here.

Thus, London is surely a wonderful destination for kids too. Apart from these attractions, there are several cafes and restaurants which arte family friendly where you can take you kids for a meal. Thus, the city leaves no stone unturned to offer the best for your little ones.



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Rumor Has It Cover c;

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Emily Blunt To Play Princess Diana

Actress Emily Blunt has been tipped to follow in the footsteps of Naomi Watts by playing Late Princess Diana in a new film. Watts played the late British roy…


Emily Blunt

Likes or Yikes? Kardashian Pregnancy Rumors, Gwyenth Goes Social and Guest Star Niecy Nash!

Chime in on the week’s hottest stories at http://www.ivillage.com/likesoryikes.

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65 Festival de Cannes Marrion Cottilard DE ROUILLE ET D’OS Eva Longoria, Jane Fonda

65 Festival de Cannes May 17, 2012 DE ROUILLE ET D’OS – Marrion Cottilard Eva Longoria, Jane Fonda,, Gossip,
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Elisabeth Moss at the 14th Annual AFI Awards, 01/10/14

Elisabeth Moss at the 14th Annual AFI Awards, 01/10/14 Thanks for watching this video! Video Credit: Getty Images.

Elisabeth Moss

Wizard World Chicago: Charmed Panel with Holly Marie Combs and Brian Krause

Holly Marie Combs and Brian Krause held a panel about all things Charmed. They also fielded any questions they had about upcoming/current projects, such as P…

Holly Marie Combs

Jon Bon Jovi is Not Dead

Jon Bon Jovi, the 49-year-old American rock star, is the lastest victim of Internet death hoax. A fake story spreading on Twitter Monday said Bon Jovi was found “in a comma” at a hotel in New Jersey and taken to a hospital where he suffered “cardiac arrest”. The rumor is completely wrong. Jon Bon Jovi is NOT dead. He is still alive and is supposed to perform at a charity program on Monday evening (December 19) in New Jersey.

In a reply to the hoax, Bon Jovi was happy to prove by uploading a photo of himself holding the sign “Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey”.


Jon Bon Jovi, born in 1962, is an American musician, singer, songwriter, actor and lead singer of rock band Bon Jovi which was named after him. Bon Jovi was announced to be the second richest band in the world for 2011 with nearly $ 125 million income.


Jon Bon Jovi with his bandmates.


He also succeeds in his own career and receives numerous awards including a Golden Globe Awards and an Academy Award nomination for his solo hit, “Blaze of Glory”


Bon Jovi is the most recent victim of celebrity death hoax, joining Lady GaGa, Will Smith, Eddie Murphy and dozens of other stars.


On Monday afternoon, the topic “Jon Bon Jovi dead” was the top trending topic on twitter with the fake story that Jon Bon Jovi was “in a comma” and “not breathing”.


To clear up this rumor, David Bergman, Bon Jovi’s photographer friend tweeted a photo on twitter and said that “I happened to be with Jon Bon Jovi when we heard rumors of his death. He’s alive and well and I shot this to prove it.” In the photo, Bon Jovi posed in front of a Christmas tree holding a sign “Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey”.


Bon Jovi also uploaded this photo on his facebook to prove that he is still alive and well.


Jon Bon Jovi will perform at a charity event in New Jersey.



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Beyonce Says Surrogate Rumors Don’t Affect Her



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