Isla Fisher interview backstage on her Cosmopolitan cover shoot 2013

Isla Fisher’s fashion shoot in LA for her Cosmopolitan cover in 2013. For more from Cosmo, visit
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Isla Fisher

Gossip N Rumors

Gossips and rumos are the titbits which are entertainment among the people when especially about celebrities and politicians. It may be true or false and it is harmful for the people who are being gossiped about. Gossips and rumors are false news that spread from one person to another or group of people. Gossips are mainly about friends, celebrities and politicians. It may be harmless sometimes but it affects ones personal life. If gossip is true about someone then it is more hurtful since it has been kept as secret. Rumor is a bit of information spreading from one person to another without verifying whether it is true or not. When it is passed from one person to another it is exaggerated. Spreading false news about a celebrity or any person is form of a bullying.It brings miserable to their life. There are different types of gossips and rumors which are dangerous and more wounding. Slander is a type of rumor that has been made intentionally spreading false news about someone to cause pain. Slander is called as libel when it is in written form.Rumors or gossips about celebrity in magazines are the best example of libel.It is more hurtful and hazardous when compared to others since it is done purposefully to bring ones life miserable. Another type of gossiping is dishing which is done unintentionally. Without any aim to cause pain to someone, telling something about him or her to others which actually cause pain. It actually brings embarrassement to him or her who is being told about. Fears or Concerns is involved with rumors being told about any life threats.For example, Making an anonymous call and telling that the bomb has been fixed in a school, which is going to burst in few minutes.It may be true or false.It involves with many lives and it leads to bedlam.Likewise Tsunami Threat, Hijacking are some of the rumors which involve with peoples lives and concerns. Jokes or Wildstories is another type of rumor which is prevailing for many years.It appears to be true but it doesnt have any proofs. These stories are so interesting and you can hear these jokes or wild-stories in villages. It gives curiosity rather than wounding. Misinformation is the rumor which misguides the people.People who believes that they are telling right things and guide others but actually it just a rumor. This misinformation leads to difficult situation. Cyber-Gossip is more dangerous one since the information is passing to many people in short period of time and it is a crime. It should be taken care seriously. People are spreading these rumors for taking revenge on others or to make others attention towards them. It has also been passed for entertainment purposes.Rumors or gossips should be avoided since it can destroy the trust and affects ones private or personel life. So, if anyone tells anything we should think over it whether it is harmful or harmless.If it is harmful we should keep it ourselves and give respect to others private.

Jack have written many articles. But the article which is based on Gossip N Rumors given here is the best article from him.

Ian Anthony Dale

Zooey Deschanel Talks “New Girl” and Taylor Swift

Zooey Deschanel Talks

Zooey Deschanel got her first big break in “Almost Famous,” but nowadays it is safe to say you can leave the “almost” out. The “New Girl” is a quadruple thre…
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Emily Deschanel

Kim’s Audition for ‘There Will Be Blood’ w/ Neil Patrick Harris

Kim's Audition for 'There Will Be Blood' w/ Neil Patrick Harris

This is like, my best acting ever! You guys. xoxo, love Kim.
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Neil Patrick Harris

Kanye West’s $750,000 Lamborghini Crashes Into Kim Kardashian’s Gate

Official Website: Facebook: Subscribe for the latest entertainment news, Monday to Friday every we…


Sharni Vinson

The Counselor Official International Teaser Trailer #1 (2013) – Released

The Counselor was the rare script that — once it had been acquired by producers Steve and Paula Mae Schwartz (The Tree of Life) and Nick Wechsler (Magic Mik…
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Cameron Diaz

Daniel Radcliffe on His Crush on Katy Perry on Ellen Show

Daniel Radcliffe on His Crush on Katy Perry on The Ellen DeGeneres Show 2013 Season 11 Daniel Radcliffe on His Crush on Katy Perry,Daniel Radcliffe on His Cr…
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Daniel Radcliffe

Sigourney Weaver Compares Her ‘Political Animals’ Character to Hillary Clinton

Sigourney Weaver Compares Her 'Political Animals' Character to Hillary Clinton

‘Political Animals’ star Sigourney Weaver talks politics and compares her USA Network character Elaine Barrish to Hillary Clinton.
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Sigourney Weaver

Neil Patrick Harris, Vince Vaughn & The Purge

SUBSCRIBE to CELEBUZZ! : It was the Tony Awards last night and while the musical “Kinky Boots” took home 6 awards, it was Neil Patrick…

Neil Patrick Harris

Brad Pitt Talks Engagement to Angelina Jolie at Cannes

Despite reports that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will be tying the knot this August, Brad himself says there’s no truth to the rumors. Brad arrived at Canne…

Billy Bob Thornton

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