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Michelle Pfeiffer

Madison, Van Der Beek,and Wilde

ASN correspondent Quddus catches up with actors Bailee Madison of “Brothers,” James Van Der Beek of “Dawson’s Creek” and “The Rules of Attraction,” and Olivi…

James Van Der Beek


Nicolas Cage and Jay Baruchel have magic chemistry for The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, in theaters this weekend.
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Nicolas Cage

Movie Mogul Steven Spielberg Yacht? The Seven Seas

Rumored to be Steven Spielberg’s Yacht THE SEVEN SEAS. This boat has been in and out of Fort Lauderdale for months. Fort Lauderdale is the Yachting capital o…
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Steven Spielberg

Brangelina DIVORCE! (Chisme Time)

La Coacha, coach to the stars, brings you some of Hollywood’s latest gossip (chisme) with a splash of Tapatio! Like “La Coacha” on FB (link here: http://tiny…


Billy Bob Thornton

HOLLYWOOD by Zahia featuring Eric Roberts Directed by Alix Malka Another short movie, this time the star of the movie is the beautiful and sensual Zahia, hope you will enjoy it.

Eric Roberts

Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise Together at Hollywood Walk of Fame! | POPSUGAR News

Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise Together at Hollywood Walk of Fame! | POPSUGAR News

Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise together is one great sight! The occasion for their hangout was the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony for producer Jerry Bruckheimer…


Johnny Depp

David Costa Lives- Wars And Rumors Of Wars At The Cubby Bear Chicago

David Costa Lives performs Wars and Rumors of War for a Local 101 event at The Cubby Bear in Chicago.
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Sasha Grey

Floors of Distinction From Bruce Hardwood Flooring

One of the earmarks of modern American culture is having an elegant home in which to display our taste in furnishings and impress guests. Most people are no longer content to live in small, modest homes, and everyone seems to be striving to have the nicest home that they can have on their budget. One of the top requirements in a stylish modern home is hardwood flooring, and no flooring compares to the natural quality and elegant beauty of that made by the Bruce Hardwood Flooring company.

The essence of the Bruce Hardwood Flooring company and its employees is summed up in their mission statement which commits to the beauty, warmth, and individuality of the flooring it manufactures. Unmatched in elegance, the flooring comes in a variety of different designs and colors which can enhance any decor and provide the ambiance so necessary in a modern home. With exquisite attention to detail and customer satisfaction, it’s no wonder that Bruce flooring has set a standard in the industry.

Bruce is not a company to take its promises lightly, and when they make a pledge of quality to their customers, you can be sure their products with either match or exceed the promises that they made. Their website is very user-friendly and offers customers the information they will need to choose and purchase the flooring materials that will best enhance their home, find highly-skilled installation professionals, and care for their new floors. One awesome feature on the website is the software that allows you to upload actual photos of your home in order to “install” the different types of flooring to see if they provide the look you’re going for before you decide to buy.

Although the company offers a variety of do-it-yourself installation packages that include step-by-step directions, they recommend that you have their floors installed by a professional.

They’ve gone the extra mile for you by creating a database of highly-qualified professionals you can choose from in order to eliminate all problems and stress for you. These certified contractors know how to get the job done quickly and without damage to your home or floors. If you think that having your floors ripped up for a period of days or even weeks is unacceptable, then you probably want to seriously consider hiring someone who knows how to get the job done right.

You will find many beautiful Bruce Hardwood Flooring options for your kitchen, dining and living rooms, and bedrooms. The company does not recommend that you use their products in your bathroom, however. All of the moisture that is associated with bathroom usage could cause damage and lessen the lifespan of hardwood flooring.

No floors are easier to care for than Bruce Hardwoods. On their website you’ll find a list of local stores that carry the Bruce products you’ll need to keep your floors looking their best for many years. In addition, you’ll find advice on how to keep your entire home and all types of flooring in top shape so that you can have the beautiful, elegant home you’ve always dreamed of.

You know you want hardwood floors – visit for more tips on how to refinish hardwood floors and cleaning laminate floors and make have the floor you’ve always wanted.

Bruce Willis

Rumor has it – Skyscraper

Rumor has it zingt het nummer Skyscraper in de finale van Sallands got talent.
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Jackie Chan

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